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1. 學員及校友紀錄:

2.. 其他紀錄:
包括行政及營運檔案、個別人士因應香港新東方烹飪學校課程招生、招聘職位、推廣及培訓活動所提交的個人資料,以 及公眾查詢等資料。


1. 學員及校友紀錄:為學務及行政支援之用;包括入學登記,僱員人事紀錄。
2. 其他紀錄:視乎該等紀錄的性質作各種不同用途,包括辦事處職務及活動方面的行政工作、就政策或營運事宜徵詢意見、 處理入學及職位申請、推廣及培訓活動、購置服務、處理公眾查詢和收集個人資料指明用途。


HKNOC會在貫徹資料被收集的目的 (或直接相關目的) 或任何其他已獲得你同意的目的所需的時間內保留你的個人資料。



另外,你亦可以透過電郵 或撥打電話至2656 2727或親身到本公司提出要求,為保障你的私隱及身分,HKNOC會以合理的步驟核實身分,以便處理查閱或改正個人資料的要求。


Privacy Policy Statement

Hong Kong New Oriental Culinary School (“HKNOC”, "We" or "Us") pledges to meet the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“PD(P)O”).  In doing so, HKNOC shall take reasonably practicable steps to protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of personal information hold in accordance with the requirements of PD(P)O.

Kinds of Personal Data Held
Categories of personal data held by HKNOC are as follows:     
1. Student and Alumni Records, which include personal details, academic records, qualifications, etc. of every person who is currently enrolled in or has previously studied in a programme operated by the HKNOC or in collaboration with other educational institutions and/or organizations;
2. Other records, which include administration and operational files, personal data provided to HKNOC from individuals for study and job applications, promotional and training activities organized by HKNOC, and enquiries from the public, etc.

Main Purposes of Keeping Personal Data

All personal data held by HKNOC will be used, processed, stored, disclosed and transferred solely in accordance with the relevant Personal Information Collection Statement provided to you on or before the collection of your personal data, or pursuant to any other consent provided by you. 
In general, the main purposes for which HKNOC uses the different categories of personal data held by it include the following:  

1. Student and Alumni Records are kept for academic and administrative supports purposes relating to such matters as course enrollment, academic qualifications, counselling, etc.  

2. Other records are kept for various purposes which vary according to the nature of the record, such as administration of the office functions and activities, seeking advice on policy or operational matters, processing study and job applications, delivery of promotional and training activities organized by HKNOC, acquisition of services, handling of enquiries from the public, and the purposes specified during the collection of the personal data.

Transfer of Your Personal Data
HKNOC may disclose and/or transfer your personal data to any member institutions and/or institutes of HKNOC, and any other third parties such as government departments, organizations, institutions, and agencies, service providers specified in the relevant Personal Information Collection Statement provided to you on or before the collection of your personal data for the fulfillment of the purposes stated therein.  

Any third party to whom your personal data is disclosed and/or transferred is under an obligation to keep it confidential and to only use it for the purposes permitted under the relevant Personal Information Collection Statement provided by us to you on or before the collection of your personal data. 

Accuracy and Retention of Personal Data
HKNOC has certain procedures in place to maintain personal data at a reasonable level of accuracy, completeness and relevancy for the purpose for which the personal data is to be used. HKNOC aims to keep your data accurate and up-to-date. However, we rely on you to disclose all material information to us and to inform us of any errors or changes in such information.  

HKNOC will retain your personal data for so long as is necessary to enable it to fulfill the original purpose (or a directly related purpose) of collection, or any other purpose to which you have consented.

Protection Measures
HKNOC takes appropriate steps to protect the personal data we hold against loss, unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure.

Access and Correction of Your Personal Data
You can access, update or correct your personal data held by HKNOC by sending your request to the contact stated in the relevant Personal Information Collection Statement which is provided to you on or before the collection of your personal data.  

Alternatively, you may send your request by e-mail to; by phone or come and visit to HKNOC (ADDRESS: 2/F, KP TOWER, 93 KING’S ROAD, NORTH POINT, HONG KONG)

We will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections to your personal data to protect your privacy and identity.

Note: Unless specified otherwise, references in this Privacy Policy Statement to "HKNOC" shall mean Hong Kong New Oriental Culinary Art Limited.